Working with an independent agronomist is a unique opportunity for facilities to grab hold of their maintenance strategies and take sustainable steps forward. An agronomists role is both multifaced and dynamic, but not always well understood in terms of its translation into the everyday role of grounds maintenance.  

Those responsible for maintaining golf courses and sports surfaces are under constant pressure to deliver exceptional standards for sport and recreation, but often with limited budgets, resources, and staff. Independent agronomists can alleviate these pressures with their forward thinking, holistic approaches, and by working closely with the team to transform practices from within. Empowering teams is key to their role, through education and knowledge sharing, combined with individualised analysis of the turfgrass – teams can make longer term, sustainably focussed decisions with confidence. 

Working independently, ensures that the appraisal of a site is completed with an impartial eye, free from any conflict of interests. With no affiliation to a company or product, there is no selling or commission, purely a commitment to finding viable, long-term solutions that preserve both nature and club assets, based purely on best interests. 

Independent Agronomists like Euroturfgrass’s Philip Armitage are digging deep to support facilities make changes where they truly matter. With sustainability as a matter of global urgency, their in-depth knowledge and understanding of research in soil, water, and disease management allows them to find effective, sustainable methods for optimising turfgrass growth and shift clubs away from reliance on quick fixes; in particular, the use of pesticides. With the need to negotiate more extreme weather conditions, variable costs, and tightening margins – independent agronomists are finding solutions by truly understanding what is going on below the surface and finding biological solutions that bring harmony between turfgrass maintenance and the environment.  

Euroturfgrass’s Independent Agronomist Philip Armitage is leaving no sward unturned when it comes to doing just that; encouraging clubs to do things differently and set the example to others. 

“You can’t underestimate the value of external verification and appraisal. We don’t just say what you want to hear, but we can help you achieve brilliant outcomes, in measurable ways that use best practice and show the rest of the world you are doing things holistically and sustainably.” It shows your progression. And ultimately it will save your club money and time.” 

Experience, professionalism, and accountability go hand in hand for a truly independent agronomist, with the RIPTA register being a consistent and reliable way to identify an agronomist for your needs. The register ensures stringent standards are met by agronomists who are highly qualified, completely independent, and experienced in their field. The key to working with an independent agronomist is that they become an extension of your team, forming an exciting amalgamation of expertise built on trust and credibility, that adds another level of integrity and reputation to your facilities. Their role is to alleviate pressures, not replace team members. 

When did you last have your sports ground verified independently? If you would like to know more about how our independent agronomist can support you, get in touch for a chat!