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Agronomists are plant and soil scientists who develop innovative practices and technologies that not only boost turfgrass’s performance but also control pests and weeds and protect the environment. Agronomists are also professional practitioners, educators, and advisers who work directly with greenkeepers, contractors, companies, architects and individuals operating in the sporting community to implement the latest methods and tools for growing turfgrass profitably and sustainably.

But the reach of agronomists and agronomy doesn’t end in the field. Agronomists play critical roles in issues of global concern, including food and water security, air quality and climate change, soil loss and degradation, health and nutrition, and many other areas too.

An independent agronomist is not permitted to push products, instead they shall often stipulate at least three options to follow (whenever possible) so that the client can then choose for themselves which option suits them best. This ensures that there is no conflict of interest from the agronomist and it demonstrates clearly why independent agronomists are therefore capable of offering unprejudiced advice to their clients for any given situation.

It is commonly perceived that the most important type of consultant to work with is an independent consultant, but they must in turn keep up to date with the latest research and provide objective, reliable and trustworthy advice that helps their clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

Normally no we don’t charge additional travel fees, instead we review the costs of travel annually and set our fees for the following year based on this information. Until now this has worked well and this tends to stop our clients from receiving an unwelcome bill that they had not anticipated after the site visit. *Our travel fees are therefore included in the site visit fee.

*The only exception is when the new client works in a new area to our existing client base then additional travel fees will need to be charged. However, this will be explained to the client prior to a site visit being carried out.

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