Agronomy is changing, we believe for the better, with its acknowledgement and practice of more natural and sustainable methods for maintaining the health of valuable greens.  Observing both the

environmental and financial costs of more traditional methods; our work supports greenkeepers to establish and embed consistent and cost-effective practices, taking biodiversity and sustainability into fundamental considerations.

No easy task.

We understand that the pressure on green keepers can be immense and that curating healthy turf that delivers on quality of play for club members is no easy task, nor is it a static task.

DMS offers a robust tool for implementing preventive measures and reacting to challenges along the way that may come with seasonal changes, extreme weather, and increased levels of player activity,

As independent and impartial advisers, we can give you up to date knowledge and advice, free from conflict of interest, that supports you achieve the very best in healthy turf and optimal playing surfaces, while causing as little disruption to playing surfaces and club members as possible.


What we hoped to achieve with DMS.

Ultimately, to deliver a service that supported greenkeepers to implement and maintain a strategy for prevention, informed action and maintenance that ensures turf health, while also reducing financial costs and environmental burden. Our role? Remove the barriers through a process of analysing, advising, guiding, and educating without a conflict of interests. Our only interest is in your development.

As part of this programme, we increased the club’s lab analysis to every quarter, enabling us to reduce biological and chemical stress to the turfgrass as issues were seen, and address turf concerns and disease presence swiftly.

How did we do?

Following our first year of the new service, we compiled a retrospective report that detailed the benefits of the service we carried out in 2018, compared to previous years 2016/2017 when lab testing was carried out less frequently. We focussed specifically on the number of fertiliser and pesticide applications and associated financial costs.

The results spoke volumes. We found that overall, the clubs had healthier grass, better-balanced soil profile and reductions in fertiliser and pesticide use – financially our members saw a 54.7% reduction on spend.  (Full report can be seen here) These successes have continued each year, with the  DMS demonstrating its ability as a reliable and dynamic tool that can support greenkeepers and groundskeepers with the effective management of greens and pitches.

If you would like to know more about the service and how it can help, feel free to contact us