Disease Monitoring Service

In collaboration with SoilBioLab, our Disease Monitoring Service (DMS) supports clients to establish sound practices that improve soil health, reduce pesticide use, and ultimately procure healthy, high quality turfgrass and optimal playing conditions.

Using a robust cycle of analysis, identification, reporting, and action, our dynamic service delivers results from the ground up – allowing us to implement a sustainable strategy that ensures the long-term health and integrity of your greens, with minimal environmental impact and reduced financial costs.

The DMS provides an evidence-based approach to reducing the use of pesticides and their associated environmental and financial burden in favour of biological controls. Through a combination of scientific lab analysis and independent expert advice, we facilitate informed decision making that delivers measurable results. Find the full report here (opens in new tab)

Information and knowledge gathered throughout your membership serves as an important educational tool on sustainable objectives that can be presented to club members, stake holders, and decision makers.

Following sample collection, our lab analysis with Soilbiolab allows us to identify soil characteristics including nutritional status and disease burden, allowing us to advise on appropriate action. Quarterly analysis allows us to observe seasonal effects, respond to disease presence, track progress, and develop our strategies, whilst providing valuable information that is key to the long-term maintenance of your healthy turf.

We will support you in establishing a long-term maintenance strategy to achieve turfgrass that meets the high standards expected of a quality green, that delivers optimum player experience, and meets year-round demands.

How it works

Once you are signed up, we will send you a welcome pack with all the relevant information and materials, including advice on how to obtain samples, how to package them, and where to post them.

Once the sample has made it to the lab, we will take over from there! We analyse samples every quarter and will remind you by email when the next sample is due. Each quarter you will receive the lab results and independent report, detailing specific advice and recommended actions.

At the beginning of your membership, we also ask that you provide details of the total fertiliser and pesticide inputs for your greens from the previous two years. This allows us to accurately measure the benefits.

Service at a glance

  • Annual membership service
  • Quarterly biological and chemical laboratory analysis
  • Quarterly reports that advise on your biological and chemical applications
  • Independent, impartial advice
  • Telephone and email support throughout the year with the laboratory and agronomist
  • Key action points and recommendations provided throughout the year
  • Access to workshops and whatsapp group for support and education

Service Benefits

  • Reduction in chemical application of pesticides
  • Improved grass species in your greens
  • Improved soil biodiversity and nutrient retention
  • Improved decision-making process and financial savings
  • Improved playing surfaces and experience for club members
  • Improved membership retention
  • Establishment of a long term sustainable management strategy
  • Educational tools to promote sustainable management strategy to other greenkeepers in your team, club members, stake holders and decision makers

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